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Jessica Laliberte is a native Mainer and lifelong resident of Waterville. Over the last 20 years she has become an influential communicator, first as a television journalist and later as a registered lobbyist.  She has a proven track record reflecting strong leadership skills, quick, flexible thinking and a captivating and persuasive personality who is able to engage, motivate and facilitate multiple audiences.

She has broad experience in multiple media platforms including print, television, radio and social media.

In the summer of 2016,  she led the citizen effort to reopen the City of Waterville’s budget after residents saw their tax bill skyrocket. She has successfully advocated for early childhood education programs and funding, defended tax incentive programs critical to Maine businesses, and pushed for public policy that makes Maine competitive and advances us economically.

During the most recent legislative session, she was very active on a bill to make post-traumatic stress disorder a rebuttable presumption under the state’s workers' compensation law. Jessica also advocated for several bills to increase protection for Maine’s first responders.

Jessica has a well-established history of successfully researching, writing and delivering testimony to persuade legislators on various matters impacting clients.  As a government affairs specialist for the state’s largest business association, she effectively lobbied for passage of legislation that improves the economic vitality of Maine’s largest employers.

She was a strong advocate for passage of legislation to increase access to pre-kindergarten services in the State of Maine.  Jessica is an active member of Ready Nation, a business coalition that promotes public policies and programs which build a stronger workforce and economy. 

Jessica’s legislative experience helps clients evaluate relevant legislation and plan an effective advocacy strategy to influence policy decisions.  Her years of journalistic  expertise is put to use to teach clients skills to boost their professional presence and learn strategies to more effectively interact and engage today’s media.



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